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Drew’s Corner: June 2023

This month, Drew’s dropping a line from Sears Landing in Surf City. It’s a local favorite and great place to spend the afternoon. Tune in to get a sneak peek! In addition, watch for a quick market update and some info on the Bahamas Giveaway!

Video Transcription:

Hey, folks, Drew Pittman with the Beatty Pittman Team. I hope you all are doing great. Just finished up a nice lunch here at Sears Landing in Surf City. Great place to come on the water here just before the bridge heading over to Surf City and Topsail. You can actually bring your boat and park right up to the back of the restaurant, come on in, get some food, and head back out on the water. Or you can come out and sit on their back porch here and take a nice view of the waterway, and it’s just a great place to come get some good seafood, local restaurant here that has has been serving Surf City area for 20 years, actually last week they celebrated their 20 year anniversary. The real estate market is still staying strong. We are really beginning to see the impacts of the low inventory and the high interest rates. The low inventory has kept the prices up, so we are still seeing some bidding wars on some really good properties, or some unique properties. And then there are some properties that are not priced well and they’re sitting a little bit, so there are some opportunities there. But the rates are hanging in at around 7%, which is double what they were two years ago, and so that puts a lot of pressure on the buyer’s ability to afford, you know, whether it’s a primary or secondary home. But we do have some great listings coming up here in the area, so if you’re looking to score a beach home or just move here permanently to one of our Southeastern beaches, I highly recommend Surf City and Topsail area, and be on the lookout for those listings that we have coming live. The Bahamas Giveaway is getting ready to end. June 30th is actually our last day for registration, so check out this newsletter or check out our social media accounts, make sure you’ve got your registration in, and then we will be announcing the winner after the holiday. And on that note, I want to wish everybody a Happy Independence Day, and just enjoy your July 4th weekend. Be safe, and spend some time with family and friends, and get out and enjoy some of this beautiful weather that we’ve been having. And if you need us, of course you can always reach out to the team at 910-509-1924, and of course online at Have a wonderful rest of the month and we will talk to you soon. Thanks.

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